About Developer Connection

View from our office

Developer Connection is operated by Hussey Coding Limited, an established Magento development company. We have worked extensively with all versions of Magento since 2010.  Our clients include some of the largest retailers in the UK and we have also worked in conjunction with leading Magento development agencies. If you would like to learn more about why we decided to create Developer Connection you can read our story.

Developer Connection was built with one overall goal - to provide an effective, low cost service for UK Magento store owners to connect with quality local development talent. The service was developed specifically to solve the issues we have found with other services and create what we believe is the best and most effective service for connecting quality Magento clients with quality Magento developers across the UK.

You can learn more about the benefits Developer Connection offers below, and also on the client and developer pages.

Why Developer Connection?

We are an open service for freelancers, companies, agencies and anything else in between. Our goal is to provide an effective, low cost service for UK Magento store owners to connect with quality local development talent.

We're not like other services, we have a different take on matching quality clients with quality developers. Here are a few reasons we think you'll want to join us.

Simple pricing model

Clients just need to make a one off payment to post a project, with developers subscribing to our service in order to be matched to those projects. That's it!

This compares to other services which take a significant cut of all work a developer does, as much as 20%, while also charging the client a fee when paying for work completed! We cut out the middle man because we don't take any cut of the work done, so as a client you will spend less, and as a developer you will make more.

High quality, in depth information

The first thing you probably want to do when deciding if a client/developer relationship is going to work is to gather as much relevant information as possible to help you make the right decision. Our aim is to provide you with as much of that information as we can right from the start.

Developers are able to create an in depth profile to both showcase the work they have done and highlight the skills they have, while clients can post Magento projects with a detailed, useful spec to give most of the information both client and developer need to start work.

We make sure the match is good

Getting the right developer makes for a smoother and more successful project, so our aim is to connect clients with high quality, experienced developers who can get the work done to spec and on time.

Magento and UK specific

Our focus is on the UK based Magento community because we know that for many clients, having a UK based developer involved in the project is important.

Developers from outside the UK can register, but can only be involved as part of a team when invited by a UK based lead. As a client, you can be sure that whether you need a team or an individual for your Magento project, all matched developers will be from the UK. If you need a team you will easily be able to see if the entire team is from the UK.

Automatic matching

Developers will automatically be matched to unlimited client projects based on their profile, skills and the project details. No more endlessly writing proposals for developers, and no more filtering through countless submissions with no useful detail for clients - just quick, automatic matching as soon as a Magento project is posted.

We believe that the most significant part of deciding if a developer or team is the right fit for a project is often seeing things like work history, references and code contributions. Anyone can write a good proposal but having a great portfolio of work already done counts for that much more.

Intelligent logic finds the best match

Developers are matched to client projects in an intelligent way which takes into account a range of different factors. By doing this a large part of the work involved in the hiring process is removed as you already know there is a match between how the client has specced the project, and what the developer or team have said they are capable of.

We manage your availability

As a developer all you need to do is tell us the number of hours you are available to work in a week, and when you become involved in a project we will automatically consider this before matching you to any new projects.

This means that as a client you can be sure that all developers matched to your Magento project actually have the availability to work on it.

Easily create and hire development teams

It's easy for developers to create, and clients to hire a development team. Developers can quickly and easily create a development team from the account area, and clients can specify they need a team during project creation.

View and create ratings and reviews

Both developers and clients can view ratings and reviews before deciding to work together, and can rate and write reviews for anyone they have worked with.