Cheaper eCommerce developers

Are we a cheaper way to find expert eCommerce developers?

If you’re looking for an alternative to the fees charged by agencies and freelancer networks when looking for your eCommerce Developer, our mindset was to create a service people wanted to use, and a significantly reduced cost.

Cost comparison

As you can see below our key difference is that we don’t take a cut of your eCommerce developers earnings, leading to significanty lower costs for you compared to an agency or freelancer network.

Developer ConnectionAlternatives
Additional cost per hour worked0%10-20%
Payment processing fee0%3-10%
Fee per connection£0 for 5Up to 0.15p
Additional feesNoneUp to £168

Functionality comparison

We provide more completely open information, manage availability and make it simple to find a full team, leading to more informed decisions for you compared to the alternatives.

Developer ConnectionAlternatives
Developer profileIn depthMinimal
Project specificationsDetailedMinimal
Connection speedImmediateSlow
Connection accuracyHighMixed
Find an eCommerce developer

Hundreds of UK eCommerce developers, and counting...

How do you find a cheaper team of eCommerce developers?

Have a budget in mind - it’s useful to consider what you would and wouldn’t pay for development.

Use AI based matching - that’s what Developer Connection provides to help you find low cost developers for your online store.

Be detailed in your brief - gives as much information about your project as you can in your brief to ensure you’re matched with the right team of developers. This will save you time, money and help you launch quickly.

Can you find a cheaper team of eCommerce developers who can be successful with your eCommerce platform?

Save time by working in the same time zone

Yes - our UK based team of eCommerce developers can provide cost effective and affordable eCommerce options. Whilst developers based in the likes of India and Vietnam are popular locations for cheaper eCommerce developers - one of the big advantages of working with UK based developers is saving time and working efficiently.

Budget for ongoing maintenance

Any eCommerce website will require ongoing technical support to ensure it’s running the best it can perform. Development costs will differ depending upon which developer or team of developers you collaborate with. Your brief should include your budget to ensure you find an eCommerce developer who can match this.

Pay as you go with hourly rate options

UK eCommerce developers will either charge an hourly rate or cost per project. Your briefing should state what you would ideally like to pay so that a team of developers can be correctly matched to you. Keep in mind that at some stages of the project there will be extra costs but this should be discussed and agreed upon before any development work goes ahead.

Create powerful eCommerce stores

eCommerce developers can use their industry expertise to: make your online stores powerful, secure and advise on which merchants such as Paypal to provide. They can show you what built-in features are included and if any extra extensions are needed in order to make your eCommerce site more beneficial to your business and its customers.

What can a team of eCommerce developers do for your eCommerce platform?

Harness the power of a team of developers

No business owner is an island! We know a team of front-end and back-end developers can help you to launch your online stores quicker.

Provide technical insights

Developer Connection’s team of eCommerce developers can provide technical knowledge and industry experience to businesses looking to create powerful eCommerce stores.

Offer low cost eCommerce web development

With a library full of developers, there will be someone to match your budget and provide flexible online store development.

Increased flexibility for communication

Developer Connection’s platform offers you the option of communicating with your chosen development team through us or other technologies such as Skype - there are no penalties for doing so like other services. We want to offer a flexible service to ensure you find the right team of developers.

Advise you on which version of Magento to use

Magento 1 end of life:

  • No more security updates are now available which leave eCommerce sites open to hackers
  • Merchants such as stripe won’t be supporting this version of Magento
  • Standard updates will take longer
  • Fewer Magento development companies will work with version 1 due to security and functionality issues

Magento Open Source:

Also known as Magento 2 CE since it’s an upgrade from Magento 1:

  • The open-source software is free to use
  • Easy integration of premium extensions
  • Mobile friendly
  • Advanced reporting
  • Email automation
  • Improved checkout process

Magento Commerce:

Also known as Magento 2 Enterprise:

  • Suitable for larger enterprises with complex eCommerce functionality needs
  • Includes features for catalog and product management
  • Offers reward points, store credits and wishlists
  • Supports content staging and customized banners