How does Developer Connection compare to other services?

While there are a number of other services you can choose to connect with your next developer or client, Developer Connection offers many clear advantages. The comparison below shows the benefits you gain from using us.


One of the advantages Developer Connection offers over other services is considerably lower cost.

Developer Connection

NO service cost for hours worked by the developer.

NO processing fee for payments made by the client.

NO percentage fees.


20% service fee for every hour worked by the developer, often passed onto the client in part.

3% processing fee for all client payments.

$0.15 per connection with 1 to 6 connections per proposal.

Paid membership packages with additional percentage fees.


10%-15% service fee for every hour worked by the developer, often passed onto the client in part.

3% processing fee for all client payments.

There are also a wide range of additional fees for further project and service 'benefits' of up to £168.


Developers are charged a 20% service fee for every hour they work plus a fee of up to £19.99 for every withdrawal.

10% + £0.6 service fee for all clients.

Clients are also charged a range of fees up to £50 to 'enhance' their project listing.


20% service fee for every hour worked by the developer.


An unpublished but rumoured 100% markup on developer rates paid for fully by the client.


An unpublished percentage is added to the developers hourly rate which the client pays for fully. For the sister mentoring service this fee is between 13% and 20%.

An unpublished percentage is added to the developers hourly rate which the client pays for fully. The percentage is likely to be similar to other comparable services.


9% service fee for every hour worked by the developer plus an undisclosed transfer fee for withdrawing funds.

2.9% handling fee for all client payments plus a 3.5% fee for withdrawing unused funds.

Commerce Hero

Developers are charged a 10% service fee for an entire 2 years of working with a client for project work.

Developers are also charged 1% salary for an entire year for any full time placement.

2.9% processing fee on all client payments for project work.

Developer and Project Details

Developer Connection gives you all the details you need with in depth developer profiles and detailed project specs.

Developer Connection

In depth developer profiles.

Detailed project specs.

Other Services

Often very minimal developer profiles and projects specs leaving both developer and client guessing on whether they can work together.

Making Connections

Developer Connection gives you instant, quality connections to developers.

Developer Connection

Developers are instantly matched to projects.

Only developers with the skills and experience you need are matched to your project.

Other Services

Project proposals are manual and it can take anything up to weeks to connect, and it can be hard to make any quality connections at all.

Developer Availability

Developer Connection automatically manages developer availability.

Developer Connection

Full, automatic availability management of developers.

Other Services

No automatic availability management of developers so you can't be sure they have the time to work on your project.

Working with Teams

Developer Connection makes it easy to create and hire development teams as well as individual developers.

Developer Connection

Developers can quickly and easily create development teams.

You can easily specify the size of team needed for your project.

Other Services

The primary focus is only on hiring single developers.

Working Locally

Having local development talent is important, and Developer Connection makes it easy to form those connections between developers and clients in the UK.

Developer Connection

Every developer matched to your project will be from the UK giving you better communication, transparency and accountability with higher levels of productivity and confidence.

Other Services

Developers are worldwide so you lose the multiple benefits of a local working relationship.

An Open Service

Developer Connection is an open service with no penalties for communicating or working directly with each other.

Developer Connection

We just create quality, direct connections between client and developer.

Other Services

Written into the T&C's, significant measures are in place to stop even communication outside of the service and working outside of the network will result in an irreversible ban and closure of your account.

Pick Developer Connection today!

We hope you agree that the benefits we offer are clear compared to other services, so create your project or subscribe today!