1. Best development practices

    Best development practices

    With us you will find a developer who follows best development practices and principles.  This is often not the case with other services offering rock bottom priced Magento development work.  Here we talk about why following best practices is so important.

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  2. In depth developer and project information

    In depth developer and project information

    When connecting with your next developer or client, it's important both parties have enough information to allow you to make the right decision on who to work with.  That's why with us you can always be sure of seeing in-depth developer profiles and detailed project specs.

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  3. Moon on a stick

    Moon on a stick

    A look at some typical projects found on other services to see how many have unrealistic expectations of the work needed to complete the project inside the specified budget.

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  4. Reviews and Ratings

    Reviews and Ratings

    With us, you have the ability to review and rate the developer or client you have been working with to let people know about your experiences.

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  5. Comparing project details

    Comparing project details

    A good level of detail for a Magento project post is of utmost importance for the smooth running of your project right from the outset.  In this post, we look at the typical level of detail found on other services compared to us.

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  6. Upwork enforces strict communication rules

    Upwork enforces strict communication rules

    Want to use Upwork just as a means to connect with your next Magento developer or client?  Think again as Upwork impose strict communication restrictions unless you give them a cut of your hard-earned cash.  And yes, and they are watching you.

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  7. Easily hire and create teams

    Easily hire and create teams

    It's quick and easy to both hire and create development teams on Developer Connection.  Read more about how our focus isn't just on single developers in this post.

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  8. Picking the best developer for your project

    Picking the best developer for your project

    There are so many things you can consider when deciding on the best developer or team to use for your Magento project.  Not everything can help you make the right choice, but what are the key points you should always consider that will?  Here we look at everything you need to consider when picking the best Magento developer for your project.

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  9. UK and Magento specific

    UK and Magento specific

    Developer Connection is a Magento and UK specific service for UK based clients and developers to make quality connections.

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  10. What it takes to be a top Magento developer

    What it takes to be a top Magento developer

    Being a top Magento developer is about a lot more than just knowing how to code.  Here we look at the kind of discpline and dedication needed to become an expert, truly professional, top end Magento developer.  So if you are an aspiring Magento developer, or a client interested in the developers long journey to mastering their art, this post looks at what it takes to be a top Magento developer.

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