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  1. Easily hire and create teams

    Easily hire and create teams

    It's quick and easy to both hire and create development teams on Developer Connection.  Read more about how our focus isn't just on single developers in this post.
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  2. UK and Magento specific

    UK and Magento specific

    Developer Connection is a Magento and UK specific service for UK based clients and developers to make quality connections.
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  3. The project flow

    The project flow

    Because Developer Connection is a fresh, new and totally different service compared to others, the project flow also works a lot better.  Find out how our improved project flow works in this post.
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  4. An open service

    An open service

    While other services are aimed primarily at freelancers, Developer Connection is an open service for freelancers, companies, agencies and anything else in between.
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  5. Low cost simple pricing

    Low cost simple pricing

    We use a straightforward low-cost, simple pricing structure that saves you money and has no ongoing costs during development.
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  6. Automatic availability management

    Automatic availability management

    When you are looking for a Magento developer for your project, it can be hard to guarantee that they will have the free time to actually work on it.  When using other services as a developer, you have to manually manage your own availability, updating the hours you are available to work on projects.  Realistically this is not something which is actively managed at all by the majority of developers, and it's common to just add in the total number of hours you are able to work in a week and leave it as is regardless of what you might actually be working on at any given moment.  This means that clients can have no real idea of whether a developer they contact actually has the available hours to work on their project. Developer Connection works differently because it automatically manages developer availability.  All the developer has to do is set the maximum number of hours they are able to work in a week and we manage the rest.  This works because on project creation you define the number of hours developers should work on the project so when hiring a developer or team, we know how many hours less each involved developer will have to work. This information forms part of the automatic matching logic and means that if a developer gets matched to a client project you can be sure they can actually commit the time to work on it.  This gives you confidence that every developer you see matched to a project both has the skills and experience to complete it, but also the available time. Complex filtering of the developers which get matched to Developer Connection projects is a big part of what allows our service to stand head and shoulders above other options.  We remove the problem of finding devs with availability by making sure every dev matched to a project actually has the time to work on it.  As
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  7. Advantages of automatic matching

    Advantages of automatic matching

    Automatic matching of developers to client projects makes Developer Connection both versatile and highly effective.
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  8. The importance of a good project spec

    The importance of a good project spec

    As a client, writing a good spec for your project is fundamental to getting the best out of Developer Connection.
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  9. Why you need a good developer profile

    Why you need a good developer profile

    Having a good developer profile on Developer Connection is the best way to sell yourself to clients.
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  10. The developer account area

    The developer account area

    A guide to the developer account area of Developer Connection.
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