Meet Magento UK '22 - Easier and safer Adobe Commerce upgrades

Meet Magento UK '22 - Easier and safer Adobe Commerce upgrades

Easier and safer Adobe Commerce upgrades

with Sergii Ivashchenko

The date: June 21st, the time: 9.00 am, the place: The Mermaid, London
The event? Meet Magento UK 2022!

Good day to you all and welcome back to our Meet Magento UK 2022 pre-event coverage. Today we reach the halfway point of our series with session two of the technical track. Since its acquisition of Magento back in 2018, Adobe has continuously been working to improve the Magento platform and improvements require upgrades. In this session, Sergii Ivashchenko will be sharing some insights on how to upgrade Adobe Commerce in a simpler but safe way. But, before we jump into all that goodness, let's lay down some ground rules.

Meet Magento UK 2022 is a live and in-person event, which means that everything is subject to change at a moment's notice. At the time of writing, this blog is accurate however, should anything change we'll do our best to update you as soon as possible. Arite, now that's been said, it's time for the main event!

Technical track - 11.25am - 11.55am

Easier and safer Adobe Commerce upgrades

Sergii Ivashchenko is the technical lead at Adobe Commerce and over the past year has been working on ways in which to make the upgrade process for Adobe Commerce a much simpler and less stressful one. During this session, he will explain his methodology and experience in trying to achieve this task and talk about the tools he used and the things that he's learned along the way. Along with this, he will also share some of the core changes and processes that will hopefully make the upgrading experience even better for future versions.

Along with the methods and processes that Sergii has been investigating, he has also been working on the tools for the developer and architect communities to use to assist them in the evaluation and development of the upgrade process to make it much easier.

Is this session for me?

This session is going to be tech-heavy so if you have zero experience in upgrading Adobe Commerce then this is going to be hard for you. However, if this is your day job this one is not to be missed. I expect there will be time for a Q&A at the end so don't forget your notebooks and curiosity.

Who is SSergii Ivashchenko?

Sergii Ivashchenko

 - Technical lead at Adobe Commerce
 - 2nd MMUK appearance
 - 10+ years experience

LinkedIn =
Twitter = / @sergeivaschenko

MMUK19 session = GraphQL

Our final thoughts...

This work by Sergii to improve the quality of life of Commerce devs, architects and in an indirect way, Adobe Commerce users can only be a good thing. Making any process, not just upgrades, quicker and easier has benefits for everyone. Less time spent upgrading means more time for the devs, less downtime for the merchant and less frustration for the customer, it really is a win all around.

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