What is Developer Connection?

Developer Connection is a UK and Magento specific project marketplace to connect quality clients and developers.

Who created Developer Connection?

Developer Connection is developed and run by Hussey Coding Limited based in Coventry in the UK. We are an established and respected Magento development company who has been developing stores for some of the largest retailers in the UK and with leading Magento development agencies since 2010. Read about why we created this service.

How do I contact you?

See this page for details of how to get in touch with us.

How much does Developer Connection cost?

You can post a project for just £50 with cost differing for more matches and working with teams. A developer subscription is £20 monthly with an initial setup fee of £30 however you can be matched to your first project for free without subscribing.

How long will it take to find developers for my project?

No time at all. Matching of developers to your project is automatic and you can view available matches immediately.

How long will it take to find clients?

You can be immediately matched to any project a client posts which compliments your skills and experience.

How many projects can I be matched to?

You can be matched to unlimited client projects as long as you have the working hours available.

Are there any ongoing service charges for working through Developer Connection?

Absolutely not. You are free to communicate and work entirely outside our service with absolutely no penalty.

Can I see a directory of all developers and clients?

Developer Connection is designed to take the hassle out of searching for your next client or developer and removes the need to review countless profiles to find your next quality connection. Instead we do the hard work for you and give you access to the full details of every client and developer that is a good match for each project, but you can't openly browse the entire directory.

How do I know a developer has availability to work on my project?

We automatically manage each developers availability and take this into account during the matching process so every developer matched to your project will have the availability to work on it.

How does Developer Connection compare to other services?

Developer Connection offers many clear advantages over other services. Read our full comparison.