The story of Developer Connection

The company behind Developer Connection is established Magento development company Hussey Coding Limited. At Hussey Coding Limited we have been developing Magento professionally since 2010 and we have vast experience working with all versions of the framework. Our clients include some of the largest retailers in the UK and we have also worked in conjunction with leading Magento development agencies.

Here you can find the story of Developer Connection and why we wanted to create this service.

Over the years developing Magento for a wide range of stores and clients, we realised that many of the existing methods for connecting Magento clients and developers have major down sides which massively impact every user. Most people have just come to accept these down sides as the norm and learnt to work with them. At Hussey Coding Limited we want to change what has become the norm, and solve the issues found when using other services. We created Developer Connection to provide an effective, low cost service for UK Magento store owners to connect with quality local development talent.

The down sides of other services

There are many other services available to connect Magento clients and developers, but they all have a common set of down sides which Developer Connection solves. Both clients and developers can face a number of issues with other services which make the hiring process harder and more expensive than it needs to be.

High cost

Every other service we know of charges a significant service fee for every hour of work a developer does, and on top of that can also charge you as a client when clearing a developers invoice. Some services aiming for longer term working relationships between client and developer take a significant portion of the developers salary for an entire year.

Poor applications and project posts

I'm sure you have experienced it yourself when posting a project - you very quickly get inundated with poor quality applicants who clearly don't have the skills or experience you have specified and need. The flip side of this is of course the difficulty developers have in finding quality clients and projects and so applications can be become lazy because of the laborious nature of needing to write essentially the same covering letter for many projects. This leads to the thinking from both parties that the service is not actually the right place for posting Magento and UK specific projects and finding the developer who is the right fit.

Bidding wars

Often landing a Magento project using other services can rely on little more than winning the bidding war which often ensues for each project posted. As a client this can often mean being laden with filtering through large numbers of low quality applications at a price point which doesn't encourage you to believe the quality of the work will be high.

Locked in to the service

When you sign up to use many other services, you are tied in to conducting everything relating to your project through that service. Often significant measures are in place to strongly discourage you from even communicating outside of the service in any way at all. If the service feels you have breached any of the terms they will ban you and close your account.

Ineffective vetting

Some of the services you can use actively vet all developers and require them to pass a multi stage process including multiple interviews and monitored exam condition tests. Unfortunately the way these vetting processes are constructed is fundamentally flawed and much of the time the steps designed to assess development skills are in no way a reflection of the skills required to be a high quality Magento developer.

How Developer Connection differs

Developer Connection was specifically created to give both client and developer a better, quicker and more effective method of connecting quality Magento clients with quality Magento developers.

This service was built from the ground up on the belief that the issues which make other services difficult and unsatisfying to use can be resolved through a different and better process of connecting client and developer.

Low cost

At Developer Connection we believe you should only have to pay to use a service when it is offering you some form of benefit or value to help you achieve your goal. When hiring a Magento developer, we believe the only point any of the available services offers value is when finding a good match between client and developer. Once the client has connected with the right developer and work starts, there is really no further value offered by the service.

That's why at Developer Connection there are no ongoing service fees, or any percentage charges when paying invoices. The only thing you need to pay when using our service is a one off fee to post a project as a client, or a small monthly subscription as a developer to be matched to projects.

High quality project posts and developer profiles

We want you to get the very best out of our service and that's why as a client we recommend you add as much detail as possible to any project you create. As a developer we recommend you complete your profile as fully as possible to properly showcase the skills and experience you have in Magento development. Having this level detail adds huge value to the experience of using our service and makes the process of connecting the best clients with the best developers highly effective.

With both in depth project posts and developer profiles, you know that as a client you will have a descriptive, useful profile available for every matched developer, and as a developer you will have in depth detail giving you a full run down of the skills and experience needed for every matched project.

No bidding wars

As a client we understand that cost is a primary consideration when hiring a developer, but it's rarely the case that choosing the cheapest developer will give you the best results. Bidding wars found on other services damage and undermine the entire process of quality clients connecting with quality developers. It drives the lowest cost, and often comparable quality applications for client projects and the result of this is two fold. Firstly the client becomes disillusioned because they rarely find the quality of developer they are looking for which drives them away, and this in turn drives quality developers away as they can no longer find any quality clients to connect with.

Developer Connection removes this entire unhealthy dynamic by automatically matching developers to clients projects, while still allowing the client to pick a developer within the right price bracket for their budget. The create your project page includes a budget calculator which as a client you can use to estimate expenditure for your project. This helps you to properly position your project to be matched against developers with the desired hourly rates.

A completely open service

We don't in any way lock you in to using our service when contacting or working with client and developers. You are free to communicate and work entirely outside of our service with absolutely no repercussions or consequences.

No developer vetting

While we do understand why some services have developer vetting, at Developer Connection we believe that the very process of putting a developer through a drawn out, time consuming series of tests and interviews represents an inherent distrust in believing that the developer actually has the skills and experience they claim to. Attempting to make them prove it by forcing all developers through the same rigid, ineffective process does not achieve the desired goal in many cases.

At Developer Connection we prefer to believe that a developer has the skills and experience they say they have. We put this trust in developers because we understand that becoming an accomplished Magento developer takes years of dedicated hard work developing the platform day in day out. A developer who has put in the time and effort to become an expert in many areas of Magento development and surrounding technologies should rightfully be proud of the skills and experience they have earned through their years of hard work.

Magento development truly is an ever expanding field of knowledge where the famous saying by Aristotle rings very true -

"The more you know, the more you know you don't know."

Our experience working with many different developers over the years has shown us that the more experienced the developer, the more honest they will be about the areas of Magento development they haven't yet mastered. We love these kind of developers at Developer Connection as we know that honesty in where your expertise lies is the key to effective learning, and this is a concept that we know clients also understand.

We believe that the best way to judge the suitability and skills of a developer is to primarily talk to them. Experience has told us that by asking a developer about their skills and experience, previous clients, stores they have worked on etc. you can very quickly get a good feel of how good a fit they might be for your project. Combine this with looking at things like references, community contributions and any relevant external profiles and you can get a really good feel for the suitability of that developer - and much more accurate picture of their real skills and experience.

Join Developer connection today and be part of something great!

We would love to have you on board to experience the service we offer and connect with quality clients and developers. If you are a client and would like to read more about how our service benefits you in finding the best Magento developer for your next project, visit our clients page. If you are a developer and would like to know more about the benefits we offer and how we can connect you with great Magento clients, visit our developers page.

We hope to see you posting your first project or subscribing to be matched to projects very soon!