Our goal: to connect store owners with eCommerce developers at affordable prices.

Office View

The view from our office window in Wales inspired us...

Developer Connection is run by Hussey Coding. We’ve been producing quality eCommerce shops since 2010. During which time, we’ve had ample amount of opportunities to understand the problems developers and store owners face.

So, we started a list full of the problems non-developers faced when trying to find eCommerce Developers.

Current problems

1. High costs

2. Poor quality applicants

3. Bidding wars

4. Payment lock in

5. No reviewing

6. Unavailable developers

We realised these could be solved using

And a new list was made which became the birth of Developer Connection.

The solution

1. Intelligent matching

2. Low cost

3. In depth profiles

4. Cost relevant developers

5. No financial lock-in

6. Managed availability

What we created solves problems for both
eCommerce developers and shop owners.