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Finding the best team of Magento developers for your store is crucial for the smooth and successful running of your business.

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The amount you spend on developing your store is a major consideration for every Magento store owner. It’s simple, we don’t charge to post a project as a client and there is a small monthly subscription for Magento developers. We don’t lock you into using our service either!


We understand you may not need to use Developer Connection all the time. That’s why we’ve developed a flexible approach - you can come and go as you please! You’re free to communicate and work outside of the service without any consequences.


Finding the right Magento team quickly without compromising quality is paramount. Therefore developers can upload skills and experience in great detail. Whilst clients can upload as much project information as they want to ensure effective matching.

No bidding wars

Choosing the cheapest option doesn’t usually give the best results but we know cost is a primary consideration. However we don’t want developers comprising on quality. Therefore a budget calculator allows you to be best matched with the right Magento developer.

AI - matching

Humans tend to base their decisions on emotion (it’s in our DNA) but AI doesn’t. Instead it analyses high quality data from complex algorithms. AI reduces bias and irrelevant matches and is more likely to get it right the first time round!

Developer ratings

We want you to get a good feel for the Magento teams you work with but we don’t insist on vetting as we trust the developers. Instead, the ratings system allows clients to see how effective developers have been on past projects.

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