Finding Magento development work the easy way

There are countless Magento stores and Magento developers in the UK alone, but connecting with clients and finding development work is often harder than it should be. At Developer Connection you can easily connect with clients and find Magento development projects which exactly compliment your skill set and experience.

Why Developer Connection?

We understand that as a developer you work hard for every client you connect with, and then work hard to complete their project to the highest standards. At Developer Connection we want to make the often time consuming and difficult task of connecting with quality clients in the UK much easier by completely changing the way you find projects.

There are plenty of other places you can use to advertise your services and look for Magento projects, but we know that they all have major down sides. Find out how Developer Connection is different.

Low Cost

Up to 20% of the rate the client pays for your work as a developer is taken when using other services. This often leaves you feeling you need to lower your rates to stay competitive, but also reluctantly finding you have to pass some of that charge on to the client to retain at least some profit margin. The result is that both you and the client lose out.

We think you should be paid fairly for the work you do so we don't believe you should be charged anything for working on Magento projects found through Developer Connection. As a developer we match you to your first project for free, and all we ask you to pay is a small monthly subscription to be matched to unlimited projects - and that's it. This means that whatever rate you agree with the client is 100% yours.

Automatic, intelligent matching to projects

Another major difficulty in using other services is the need to be constantly searching through projects in the hope of finding one which is both a good fit for your experience and skills, and that you can compete with for the rate you charge. There is always a possibility of missing out on the project you were looking for just because you just weren't searching when it was posted.

At Developer Connection our automatic matching logic runs whenever a client posts a project and works hard to match you to projects based on the project spec and your profile. This means you never miss out on finding your next ideal project because we do the searching for you. You can also be confident in the rate you charge as you will only be matched to projects within the price range the client is looking for.

Another benefit of automatic matching is removing the frustration of having to write covering letters for every project proposal. Realistically these often change very little between projects so just serve as an annoyance for many people slowing down the process of searching for work even further.

With Developer Connection because you have already completed your in depth profile, all the information to match you to projects is already there. You just have to wait for the matches to come in and this saves you a great deal of time you can spend on other tasks or projects.

Get matched to unlimited client projects

As a developer other services allow you to apply to a set number of projects before requiring you to pay for more. This adds to what is already an expensive process, both in terms of your time and reducing profit on any project you do work on.

When finding Magento development work on Developer Connection there is no limit to the number of projects you can be matched to, so as long as you have the hours to work you can always be matched to new projects.

Detailed client project specs

Other services don't require clients to add any real detail when posting a Magento project, so developers sometimes have little more than a sentence or two giving the vaguest overview of the project requirements. For projects like this you really have no idea if your skills and experience are a good fit.

At Developer Connection all of the client projects include full detail about the requirements of the project. In fact you will only be matched to a project if your skills and experience match what the client is looking for. Everything you need to know to make an informed decision is right there on the project spec.

We manage your availability for you

I'm sure you've had the emails other services regularly send out asking you to update your availability for the coming period. This can become an annoyance and something that is easily forgotten.

Instead at Developer Connection we manage your availability for you. All you need to do is tell us the total number of hours you want to work in a week when you create your profile and we will automatically manage the time you have available to work with clients as you start and end projects.

Specific to the UK

When finding Magento development work, we understand that many UK developers want to connect with UK clients. That's why we have made Developer Connection specific to just the UK and Magento. Building confidence and trust with a client is key when starting a new working relationship and being highly available and contactable during your clients working day fast forwards that process. For established working relationships the benefits to having a local client are clear - better communication, transparency and accountability results in higher levels of productivity and confidence between developer and client.

Easily create development teams

You can easily create a development team from the account area and get matched to projects where the client has specified they need a team of your size working on the project.

Read and write client reviews and ratings

You can view the ratings and reviews other developers have given clients before choosing to work with them. You can also rate and create reviews for clients you work with for future developers to see.

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