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What makes us different

Retain more profit compared with other sites.

Developer Connection has been created by eCommerce developers so from personal experience we know your pain-points. Particularly, we know you lose significant profit by paying up to 20% of your ongoing income to lead generation sites.

We have a fairer way.

Hundreds of UK eCommerce developers, join them..

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It’s easy to take a look around to see if Developer Connection is for you. We won’t charge you to join. You will be matched to 1 FREE project without subscribing. Try before you buy without losing anything.

Monthly fee

To keep developer costs down, we don’t ask for a fee after each project. Instead we ask for a small monthly fee of £10. This gives you access to all projects and client profiles.

UK specific

One of our aims is to support the UK economy. Which is why our eCommerce community is made up of local developers. Developers outside the UK can be invited in by a UK based lead.

Detailed project specs

A detailed spec saves time for the eCommerce developer and the client! More time to work on the right projects with the right people. Client ratings and reviews will also be available to ensure everyone gets on.

Availability managed

Never work longer than you have to. Simply tell us how many hours you want to work and we’ll do the rest. When you’re matched with a client, your availability will be matched too.

Open service

Other market places only allow teams to communicate over their systems. If ignored, accounts can be closed. Instead we want to connect high quality teams together and that’s it - you’re free to communicate any way you like!

Add your details to our database
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