Bring a fresh perspective to your store with an experienced Magento developer

Bring a fresh perspective to your store with an experienced Magento developer

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The main reason you're going to be looking for a Magento developer is because you need development work done on your store.  I know, you don't have to tell me - I'm very clever for working that out.

But seriously, by using an experienced, cost-effective developer like the ones we give you instant access to right here in the Developer Connection marketplace, you also get a wide range of benefits on top of the fantastic development results.  These indispensable extra benefits are what I'm going to be talking about in today's post.

Because I've been developing Magento professionally for the last 13 years, I do have a little bit of experience in this area.  So what you can find here is what I've learned over the years are the hugely valuable benefits an experienced Magento developer will bring to your project.

The benefits experience brings

An experienced developer will have worked on many different stores for many different clients and have been heavily involved in the practical day-to-day operation of eCommerce setups of all sizes.

This gives the developer a huge amount of technical knowledge and experience to draw from that you just won't find in other eCommerce roles. This not only allows them to build the best solutions for your store, but also allows them to give you solid, experience-backed advice on virtually any practical aspect of the operation of your store and surrounding technologies.

Clever stuff happening in a clever place

Here's a run-down of some of what an experienced Magento developer can do for you:

Development benefits

Easily develop an entire store from scratch

The more observant of you have probably noticed a lack of the word quick in this sections title.  Something I often say is "honesty in where your expertise lies is the key to effective learning".  But something else I say that's a bit more relevant to this section is:

"eCommerce isn’t quick, easy or cheap"

And this is very true.  But, by using experienced experts in each of the many areas you need to cover to successfully operate an eCommerce store, you can be sure that for their area of responsibility, each expert you have will have enough experience to know what they need to do and to do it well.  It doesn't mean their job is easy, but for them, it can seem easy because they know exactly what they are doing and have done it so many times before.

Speaking from experience, this is definitely the case for Magento development.  I love developing the framework, it's hugely versatile, can be leveraged to build any functionality you can imagine, and has a huge supportive community.  I can use it to build anything at all, and because I've been doing it for so long it feels easy to develop.  The other side of this is of course that if you put me in something like a designer role, I can guarantee you would not like the results ;)

But it does mean that if a client comes to me with a problem that needs solving, I can do it.  It might still take a while to build, and it doesn't mean development is going to be cheap but what it does mean is that you'll get a high-quality, solid solution that meets or exceeds the spec, which you'll immediately know was worth the spend.

So to cut a long story short, if you're starting an eCommerce business and building a Magento store from scratch, an experienced developer is what you need.  Believe me, you'll appreciate the quality of the end result, and having been built right means future development of your store is going to be a lot easier.

Implement entirely new functionality

Where a novice might struggle and take quite a bit of time about it, an experienced developer will easily be able to add entirely new functionality to the front, or backend of your store.  This might be building something that Magento just doesn't do at all out of the box. It might be customising functionality that already exists to better fit your business needs.  It could be integrating Magento with an external system to serve CMS pages, send newsletters or manage stock levels.

Whatever you need doing an experienced developer will be able to build a future-proof, high-quality solution that meets the spec, and works great.  You'll basically get something as clean, shiny and strong as this new Lego build.

Development - clean, shiny and strong

Non-development benefits

Now we get onto the good stuff - the non-development benefits!

See the bigger picture

An experienced developer will easily be able to see the bigger picture and be able to understand the potential practical impact business decisions could have on a store. For instance, they might tell you that if you want to add this chunk of functionality, it's likely to affect store performance in that way.

They've seen, experienced and implemented a huge range of functionality across lots of different stores already in their career - they can look at a proposal for a piece of functionality and know if there's something in there that needs closer consideration, whether it be for performance reasons, or some other technical reason.

Always considers performance

Store performance is pretty much the thing you make sure is always up to scratch - everyone understands now that a slow store means customers hitting the back button.  So in all the work they do, a primary aspect they'll be considering is store performance and this will extend to the code they write and how they implement a solution. Sometimes they might advise on a solution to a problem that gives better performance, or just let you know what the performance impact could be.

Considered guidance

An experienced developer can draw on their years of knowledge seeing how other stores operate in order to advise and guide you in the best way possible.

Their goal - to simply to provide you with a high-performing store, that delivers on your spec, while taking into account wider issues that might have an impact on achieving that final goal.  They basically want to make sure you have the best version of your store that you possibly can.

These two have found the right Magento developer


This post has talked about the klnd of time-proven, experience-driven benefits you get when you choose to use an experienced Magento developer.  You just won't get this level of service or quality of end result using a novice.

You can find a wide range of experienced and available Magento developers right here on Developer Connection.  Developers from all over the UK choose to list with us and make their high-quality development services available to people just like you who are looking.  So I invite you to take a few minutes to create a no-obligation project with us and see for yourself the high quality of developer you can connect with!

Find eCommerce developersFind eCommerce developers
Find eCommerce developersFind eCommerce developers
Find eCommerce developersFind eCommerce developers