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Becoming a Web Developer

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Becoming a Web Developer involves creating and managing the programming code that tells websites and web applications how to operate. Web Developers typically specialize in either “front-end” (“client-side”) development or “back-end” (“server-side”) development. Some versatile and highly-sought-after professionals do both, and they’re called “Full-Stack Developers.”

Web Developer Career Path

The career path of a Web Developer seems to often follow two specific roads which vary depending on if you’re looking for either a secure and stable salaried position or if you feel the way of the freelance Web Developer is more up your street, with a more independent but also riskier nature of work.

If you manage to land a full-time web development position, you must be willing to be very involved in a collaboration effort with other developers and programmers as part of a grand development team, this applies to when you’re working for both an agency or a company. This route grants the opportunity of possibly managing projects or teams and liaising with a client or stakeholders from other backgrounds outside of just technology.

With the ever-growing high demand of programming skills and website-based workers, full-time jobs in web development are not an impossible relic to find. After just a couple of years into a smooth sailing web development career, you can find the chance to qualify for up to a massive six-figure salary as a Senior Web Developer, combined with other employer perks and bonuses, there’s no doubt that web development jobs can cover a few payments to say the least.

Let’s not get it twisted though, freelance is equally as rewarding, with other different bonuses that come with being your own boss. Freelance Web Developers have the freedom to create and tailor their very own schedules, selecting projects that truly interest them as opposed to just doing what the boss puts in your work tray, whilst having the option to work from wherever they please. 

Self-employed Web Developers run their own business, top to bottom, giving your business a more personalized feel, but also putting you front and centre of everything, making it important for you to build strong relationships with your clients yourself. Since freelancers have their own prices, a freelance professional with a high level of programming talent and a decent build-up of experience could possibly reach a higher pay grade much faster than an entry-level development would take to become a senior employee.

Why Become a Web Developer?

There are many advantages to being a Web Developer in this current climate, with the pay being high, the flexibility being handy for having a life-balance and the increase of businesses getting into eCommerce meaning more and more Web Development jobs are available. 

Make no mistakes, being a Web Developer is not a job that avoids challenges as this role heavily involves learning continuously, problem-solving intensively, and thinking critically. 

This is an industry that never stops evolving and changing as a whole new wave of technologies, best practices and other fresh innovations are introduced, which means Web and Software Developers have to stay aware and work extra hard to keep on it with the latest coding languages and industry trends to ensure they stay relevant over the course of their web development careers.

Demand for Web Developers

There seems to be a large shortage of skilled tech talent and Web Developers are among the most in-demand tech specialists, especially given the increasing need for companies to improve their mobile website capabilities.

Virtually every company you could think of in every industry you could think of hires Web Developers, so finding a job as a Web Developer shouldn’t be the hardest task. Additionally, there’s some great services available for Web Developers, such as Developer Connection, which finds Web Developer roles for freelance Developers, making everyone’s life easier. 

With high demand comes high average salaries for Web Developers. Web Developers make anywhere between £40,000 and £55,000 a year, https://www.reed.co.uk/average-salary/average-web-developer-salary, with an easy pathway to more senior positions.

Becoming a web developer allows you to work both independently as well as cross-functionally between design and product teams. There’s also flexibility on the work-life balance front, as Web Developers can essentially work anywhere that has an internet connection, especially those who freelance for a number of clients.

Find eCommerce developersFind eCommerce developers
Find eCommerce developersFind eCommerce developers
Find eCommerce developersFind eCommerce developers