Meet Magento UK '21 - Tchaysllaney Rayenelly, Anton Evers, Domm Holland,  Michael Schirrmacher, Sandra Gonzalez Mangana.

Meet Magento UK '21 - Tchaysllaney Rayenelly, Anton Evers, Domm Holland, Michael Schirrmacher, Sandra Gonzalez Mangana.

Welcome back to another packed article covering this year's Meet Magento UK. Today we are talking more about customer experience, how to communicate coding concepts and complex procedures from developer to client, how some separation can lower your cart abandonment and what Adobe is doing to make updates easier. So what are you waiting for? Read on, Macduff!


Tchaysllaney Rayenelly


Merchant track - 2.30pm - 3.05pm

The next level of your customer experience

If Location, Location, Location is the mantra of the estate agent then Customer, Customer, Customer is the mantra of the commerce merchant and this is exactly what Tchaysllaney's session focuses on.


Looking at the customer journey and investigating new ways to improve the overall experience, Tchaysllaney will give expert advice for beginners and veterans alike. 


Is this session for me?

If you run an eCommerce store then this is perfect for you. Customers should be at the core of everything you do, especially since a product or service with no one to buy it is just dead stock. 


Who is Tchaysllaney Rayenelly?

A designer at FW Soluções Industriais LTDA for almost 2 years, Tchaysllaney then became lead designer for Grafmais Serviços e Cópias, UX/UI designer for the OKN Group, Creative Director / CEO of Amo Choker, Creative director and founder of UX Digital Agency before becoming Senior UX/UI designer at Haivision.


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Tchaysllaney Rayenelly

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Anton Evers


Technical track - 2.30pm - 3.05pm

Static code analysis for executives

Maintaining healthy communication with clients is vital for sustaining a good relationship but it can be made difficult when having to explain complicated ideas or methods to clients who want to know but don't understand.


Never fear, Anton is here! Join him for this conversation where he explains how he maintained an open and honest conversation with a client in a way that all parties understood what was going on.

He'll then show you some of the tools and methods he used and most importantly give hints and tips on how you can do the same in your conversations to help encourage good working relationships with your clients.


Is this session for me?

If you are a developer and find it difficult to deal with clients when it comes to code, complex methods or explaining why one way is better than another then this is the one for you. This session will be full of useful advice from a real-world example and as a developer, you'd be crazy to miss it.


Who is Anton Evers?

Beginning as a helpdesk engineer for OGD, Anton later became a Website content manager for the Neuroscience campus in Amsterdam, Helpdesk engineer, intern and Functional manager of online international education management at Vrije University Amsterdam. At the same time, he created Evers Webdesign which he ran for almost four years before becoming Lead developer and certified ScrumMaster at Kega. Currently, he is working as a technical architect for Adobe.


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Anton Evers

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Domm Holland & Michael Schirrmacher


Solution track - 2.30pm - 3.05pm

Fast: How to Reduce Cart Abandonment with Headless Checkout

Abandoned carts are the blight of the eCommerce merchant, your customer is so close to completing that transaction and then nothing. The items stay in the cart for days, weeks even months on end and no sale is made.


There are many reasons for customers to abandon their carts but one of them is the payment process. Long, complicated checkouts are one of the main reasons behind abandonment as most people don't want to fill in details, addresses and delivery options with every purchase.


So what if there was another method? A better way? What if you could reduce the entire checkout experience to one, maybe two clicks? Well, now you can.


Headless Checkout

In the same way that headless commerce decouples the front end from the back end, headless checkouts separate the purchase process from the payment experience. This means that instead of potential customers seeing an ad for your product, clicking on it and being redirected to your website, now with headless commerce, they can buy directly from the ad or the influencers review or from an e-mail or anywhere at all that they saw your product.


Is this session for me?

If you have a high cart abandonment rate or have clients with the same problem then this could be the solution, so make sure you don't miss it.


Who are Domm Holland & Michael Schirrmacher?

Domm spent just over two years working for Dell as their Commercial/Relationship acquisition ISR business development manager before spending four years as CEO of DMDN. Later he was chief technology officer at City motor auction group, founder and CEO of Tow, A member of the policy advisory board at CCIQ, Director at Tap Tins, a Technologist for ITV and is currently the Co-founder and CEO of Fast.


Currently, Michael serves as the UK VP at Fast. His previous roles include being a member of the Revenue collective, UK MD and head of EMEA sales for Bloomreach, Territory manager, regional director for eCommerce and UK sales director for Webtrends, an events manager at FreshRM, Key account manager for and a sales executive for Centaur Communications.


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Domm Holland

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Michael Schirrmacher

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Sandra Gonzalez Mangana


Platform track - 2.30pm - 3.05pm

How to reduce TCO by simplifying Adobe Commerce upgrades

Adobe commerce, the artist formally known as Magento Commerce edition, is an amazing platform, but like all technology, sometimes is in need of an update or two. Unfortunately, due to its natural complexity updating it is not as easy as just clicking a button.


In this session, Sandra will guide you through some of the most important steps you should take before updating your store and will talk about how Adobe is looking to make the update process simpler and easier for everyone involved.


Is this session for me?

This one is for you if you ever have to update your store. If you have zero experience with this kind of thing then from us to you, hire a developer! Don't go messing with code, you'll break your store and end up hiring someone in the end. 


If you need a developer to update your store, or for anything else, Magento/Adobe related, check out our website where you can see, connect and hire skilled developers from the UK with no extra cost to you or the developer! That's right, we take a 0% cut, allow you to communicate and work the way you want to and, much like some of the sessions from MM21UK, we do what we say on the tin, we connect developers with Magento merchants and clients. For more info click HERE.


Who is Sandra Gonzalez Mangana?

Marketing assistant for Inversiones Puerto Encantado, Marketing assistant at Grupo, Project Manager at GSI Commerce, UX developer, UX team lead, UX manager/Innovator and Product owner at eBay enterprise and now Product Manager at Adobe, Sandra has a whole wealth of expertise and knowledge at her disposal. 


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Sandra Gonzalez Mangana

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Our final thoughts...

If you are reading this on the day of release then tomorrow is the big day, MM21UK will have finally arrived and we here at Developer Connection, could not be any more excited! Thank you again for all the support so far. Until next time, stay safe and have a great day.


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