Meet Magento UK '22 - Building Developer Experience: the Hyvä Toolbox

Meet Magento UK '22 - Building Developer Experience: the Hyvä Toolbox

Building Developer Experience: the Hyvä Toolbox

with Vinai Kopp

The date: June 21st, the time: 9.00 am, the place: The Mermaid, London
The event? Meet Magento UK 2022!

Happy Sunday everyone and welcome to the first of today's double bill of Meet Magento UK blogs where we'll be looking at the Hyvä Themes Toolbox. But before we do that let's get those fun ground rules out of the way.

Meet Magento UK is returning to an in-person-only format this year after taking the conference online during the pandemic. As with all live events, it's important to remember that things can change at the drop of a hat, speakers can cancel, topics can change and venues can close so we encourage you to check the MM22UK website on Tuesday (or Monday if you are travelling the day before) for the latest information. With that said, let's turn our attention to the fifth session on the Technical track.

Technical track - 14.25pm - 14.55pm

Building Developer Experience: the Hyvä Toolbox

Just like on the business track, by this point you should be able to see a theme or a pattern emerging and you work through the sessions. During this talk, Vinai Kopp will be sharing one of his passions with you, the building of developer tools. These tools are designed to reduce the time it takes to complete the task at hand and to help with post-launch issues and costs. If you've been keeping up with our coverage blogs then you will have noticed that we have been talking a lot about the streamlining of the development process in order to afford the developers and architects more time to dedicate to their work, health, hobbies or whatever they choose to do with that extra time. It also goes to make the clients happy and faster, high quality deployment of code means that they get what they want quicker with fewer bugs and, in theory, all within or even under budget.

In this session, Vinai will also talk about the things that are baked into Hyvä that are dedicated to bringing the fun back into development by focusing on the developer experience, another theme we've talked about recently over on the business track. Along with some practical case study materials, he will also be sharing the motivations behind each of the tools and processes that Hyvä have to offer.

Is this session for me?

If you are looking to learn about Hyvä themes of have been using it for a while then this would be a great session for you. But even if you haven't and you are a developer then this is still be great knwoledge drop for you to learn from.

Who is Vinai Kopp?

Vinai Kopp

 - Technical Director at Hyvä Themes
 - 2nd MMUK appearance
 - 20+ years experience

Twitter - / @VinaiKopp
MMUK21 session = Hyvä Themes - a developers perspective

Our final thoughts...

We are quickly coming to the end of our MMUK22 coverage and this one day, in-person event is living up to it's reputation as one of , if not the best, powerhouse events of the year. The addition of Vinai Kopp to the line up only goes to solidify that statement. Remembering that you will not just have access to the lecture but to the man himself during the various social times spread out through the day makes Meet Magento UK 2022 well worth it!

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