Meet Magento UK '22 - Paypal Panel: Getting the Goldilocks ‘Just Right’ Checkout Experience

Meet Magento UK '22 - Paypal Panel: Getting the Goldilocks ‘Just Right’ Checkout Experience

Paypal Panel: Getting the Goldilocks ‘Just Right’ Checkout Experience

with Rachel Woods, Valentin Radu, Karen Baker

The date: June 21st, the time: 9.00 am, the place: The Mermaid, London
The event? Meet Magento UK 2022!

Welcome back to day three of our Meet Magento UK 2022 coverage. So far we've spoken about Composable Commerce and the lean philosophy which, would you believe, leads us nicely into the third session of this year's Business track.

As usual, a quick note to say that at the time of writing this article is accurate, however, live events are subject to change so as much as possible we'll keep you up to date.
An extra note to add here is that as of the writing of this article the fourth panellist is still to be revealed so keep an eye on our socials for when that news drops.

OK, now we're all clear on the rules, let's get stuck in!

Business track - 12.10pm - 12.40pm

Paypal Panel: Getting the Goldilocks ‘Just Right’ Checkout Experience

This one is fairly self-explanatory, it's a panel session consisting of four guests, Rachel Woods, Valentin Radu, Karen Baker and our mystery guest who will spend 25-30 mins talking about the checkout experience and how to get it spot on for your customers.

Why is the checkout experience important?

The checkout is essentially the big handshake at the closing of a deal, you have pitched your best pitch, you're hand is outstretched and you're waiting for the customer to reach out and shake it, closing a deal in which all parties are happy, the last thing you need at that moment is a complication, someone running in with extra paperwork or a significant change to the deal.

The checkout process is a critical part of any purchasing experience. Companies spend incredible amounts on capturing and retaining customers so the last thing they need is to get as far as checkout and fail to get the conversion.

What is the checkout experience?

Is it just that one or two steps a customer takes between putting items in the basket and clicking the buy button? Does it include coupon/discount codes? Page speed? Upselling? Product recommendations?

In truth, it can be all or none of those things. There is no one size fits all approach here, each customer will have their own experience with your checkout process, some will love it, and some will hate it, the trick here is to follow industry best practices and then customise your checkout experience based on the data you have.

This panel of industry experts will likely spend some time looking at subjects like

 - Page design
 - Clear calls to action
 - Transparency
 - Shipping info
 - Payment methods
 - Eliminating distractions

Is this session for me?

If you can get your customers through the whole buying process but then lose them at the checkout stage then this is the session for you. Even if you have a really low cart abandonment rate this will still be a great session to sit in on and learn the latest in industry innovation when it comes to the checkout.

This would also be a great session to sit in on if you have listened to the previous Business track sessions as they all dovetail with each other nicely! If you are looking to improve your checkout experience then the modularisation that Composable Commerce offers is a great way to help with that and when applying the lean philosophy to not just your checkout experience but to your eCommerce store, in general, will greatly increase its value and effectiveness.
You can check out our pre-show coverage of both these sessions here
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Who are Rachel Woods, Valentin Radu, and Karen Baker?

Rachel Woods

 - Head of Channel Partner Team, UK at PayPal
 - 1st MMUK appearance
 - 15+ years experience 

LinkedIn =

Valentin Radu

 - CEO of Omniconvert, Founder & Course Instructor at Omniconvert CVO Academy 
 - 1st MMUK appearance
 - 25+ years experience

LinkedIn =
Twitter = / @ValentinRadu

Karen Baker

 - Founder and CEO of ShipperHQ
 - 1st MMUK appearance
 - 25+ years experience

LinkedIn =
Twitter = / @wsakaren

Our final thoughts...

This is going to be a fantastic session, there's no doubt about that. And again, the way that this track has been organised so that each session smoothly compliments and enhances the next is quite frankly amazing. 

As stated above, when the mystery panellist is revealed we'll update this post to add them and let you all know of our social accounts. Thank you again for joining us today and remember that when you need a Magento developer that specialises in the needs of your next project, is the place to go.