Magento eCommerce
A bespoke and powerful online store

Here are some Magento stats to WOW you...

Number 1

Magento has held the number 1 spot on the internet retailer list for 4 years in a row.

0.7% of the internet

It powers 0.7% of the entire internet which means 12% of eCommerce sites.

250,000 sites

Over 250,000 sites use Magento.

Searched more than "eCommerce".

Magento is so popular that the word "Magento" has been searched on Google even more than the word "eCommerce".

What are Magento Community and
Magento Enterprise editions?

Community Edition and Enterprise Edition is the naming for the old Magento version - one is free and the other a paid version. However, Magento 1 was retired completely in June 2020 and with Magento 2 being released at the end of 2015, Magento 1 hadn't seen any active development since then. While some do still use Community and Enterprise to refer to the Magento 2 versions - it's Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce now

All you need to know about
the Magento platform

What is Magento?

This powerful eCommerce platform is built on open source technology and provides online merchants an adaptable shopping cart system, with control over the design, content production and online store functionality. Not forgetting clever marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and catalogue-management tools.

Just some of the awesome Magento platform benefits...

  • Easy installation, additional Magento themes and extensions
  • Flexible and scalable Magento open source technology for eCommerce
  • Offers 50+ payment gateways
  • Store owner and developer-friendly

Is Magento Free?

Magento Open Source

Magento Open Source is completely free. You can easily install or use any version of Magento Open Source you want.

Adobe Commerce

The paid version of Magento is Adobe Commerce and it gives store owners access to custom features and functionality within the eCommerce platform.

Other costs...

  • Web development
  • Magento hosting
  • Launching and maintaining your site

Do I need to hire a Magento Developer?

Magento eCommerce is designed to be managed by those with no developer knowledge and the Magento community is helpful. However, a developer is highly recommended to get the best out of the platform and will allow you to install new extensions plus create new, or customise existing functionality.

Adobe Resources - training for developers

Adobe Resources, previously known as Magento U, enables developers to learn all things Magento.

What are the main Magento features?

Adobe Commerce Cloud

Adobe Commerce Cloud is a Platform-as-a-Service solution that runs on Amazon Web Services servers and contains some nifty benefits.

  • Enhanced page speed - Customers want quality images or videos in order to know exactly what they will buy, but high quality can lead to slower page speed. Thankfully there are extensions for image optimization, compatible with Commerce Cloud.
  • Easily Customisable and scalable - No matter how much website traffic, Adobe Commerce Cloud adapts and so your website will stay online.
  • Ease of use - Ideal even for people who are not so familiar with technology
  • PWA - Get the next level of mobile usability with full progressive web app support

Sell 24/7

Using Adobe Commerce allows a flexible shopping experience for consumers and businesses anytime and anywhere.

  • Amazon sales channel - Products sync to your Amazon marketplace, synchronized product catalogue, inventory, and order information
  • Integrated B2B functionality - Custom catalogue and pricing, personalized experiences, and self-service customer portals
  • Multi-brand solution - Manage all your brands and serve all customers from one platform

Smooth purchases

Magento makes selling and buying personalised and consistent with the use of clever functionality

  • Page builder - Manage content without developer help
  • Product recommendations - AI technology uses buying behaviour and product similarity
  • Inventory and order management - Meet customer expectations in real-time
  • Shipping solutions - Seamless checkouts and two-day delivery to encourage satisfied customers
  • Customer account management - Keeps all the information and details together for improving customer service experiences

Data centred

Take advantage of better-targeted advertising, improved shopping experience and secure online payment with real-time insights, tools and customized dashboards

  • Business intelligence - Cloud-based hosting, rich visualization capabilities, and strong report building tools
  • Reporting and visualizations - Keep on top of the health of your eCommerce store with auto-updates and scheduled reports

Compliant and secure

Have the flexibility to grow and scale your Magento site without compromising your customers

  • PCI compliance - Level 1 Solution Provider status to aid your own PCI certification process
  • Security - Secure commerce data with built-in tools and best practices

Easily customised

The Magento marketplace gives quick and easy access to a huge range of extensions and themes to give the store a great look, and offer extra functionality in areas like customer support, payments & security, marketing, accounting & finance, shipping and fulfilment and site optimisation

Why use Adobe Commerce?

Adobe Commerce is an advanced framework used by brands such as Nike, Olympus, Nestle and Ford as well as small to medium commercial enterprises. Here are some important reasons why Adobe Commerce should be used for your site.

Mobile-ready for your Magento store

Customers prefer to purchase on their mobile phones so it’s great news that Magento is compatible with smartphones. The platform supports PWA and responsive styling to maximize the mobile shopping experience, to optimise the display of images and video.

SEO friendly for your Magento website

Full of features including sitemaps, URL rewrites, tags, and descriptions to allow your site to rank higher in search and enable your customers to easily buy from you.

Highly performing content management system

Yes, the platform is tailored to eCommerce but Magento (Adobe Commerce) can be considered a kick-ass CMS with all of its built-in features.

  • Fast page loading speed - Give customers what they want when they want
  • A vast number of extensions - Providing your site with a wide range of functionality
  • Core content included - 404 pages, privacy policies, enabled cookies and so on

Magento Marketplace

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