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Recommended Services To Expand Your eCommerce Offering

Tried and tested

Offer more to your customers using our recommended services

One this page you can find a list of services to compliment your eCommerce store that either we ourselves use and love, or come highly recommended from trusted, experienced contacts in the eCommerce industry.

They are carefully selected, often being the preferred solution from a range of tried and tested options. We give serious consideration to every single service we list here.

Project management

A fully fledged project management platform with a combination of features not often found together in a single product, and in a format that's easy to get started with.

This complete suite of project management tools includes easy setup, full timeline management, time tracking on every task, reporting, and the ability to link code changes to tasks.

Team communication


Slack offers effective direct and team chat, with the ability to easily separate conversations between different projects.

It can also be linked to many other tools with automatic setup prompts if you want that greater level of integration.

Customer Relations


ActiveCampaign is a versatile and cost efficient CRM with easy integration to various eCommerce platforms, as well as a full API for even greater levels of customisation.

Offering a wide range of possibilities in how you communicate with your customer base, ActiveCampaign gives you the customisation options you need for any campaign.



An effective customer chat solution that doesn't require you to always have a customer service agent online.

You can get your customers the information they need with automated or live chat, plus give them access to a range of relevant articles.


Developer Connection

Yes, we're putting our own service on this list. Why? Because we believe it's your best option for connecting with high quality, experienced, and available eCommerce developers who fit your budget.

By taking a few minutes to create a project you'll instantly, and automatically be given a list, with complete in depth profiles of highly relevant and experienced developers who are available now to work on your store. And it's free.