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One this page you can find a list of services to compliment your current development abilities and environment that either we ourselves use and love, or come highly recommended from trusted, experienced eCommerce developer contacts.

They are carefully selected, often being the preferred solution from a range of tried and tested options. We give serious consideration to every single service we list here.


A complete Magento developer training resource, with courses created and managed by the hugely experienced veteran Magento developer Mark Shust.

Whether you're an experienced developer already or just starting out, the courses on put a focus on genuine understanding of the Magento codebase and how to work with it effectively.



Formerly called Integromat, Make allows you to easily integrate services that don't natively allow for direct communication.

It has many built in templates, but what sets Make apart is that it allows you to work directly with API's. So if the service has an API, you can create an integration.

Time tracking


Paymo is a great time tracking tool with invoicing built in, and straightforward, useful project management capabilities.

It's easy to create new clients and projects, log time against tasks as you work or retrospectively, and give clients the ability to view time reports.


Developer Connection

Yes, we're putting our own service on this list. Why? Because as a high quality and experienced eCommerce developer, we believe it's your best option for connecting with new clients.

Join our marketplace, create your one time developer profile, and be automatically matched to unlimited highly relevant client projects, all for free.