Meet Magento UK '21 - Aynsley Peet, Ivan Chepurnyi, James Bowditch & Jason Ford

Meet Magento UK '21 - Aynsley Peet, Ivan Chepurnyi, James Bowditch & Jason Ford

Today we are taking a look at all the sessions happening between 11.35am and 12.10pm across the four different tracks, Merchant, Technical, Solution and Platform. We do not doubt that one or more of these seminars will spark interest in everyone, so if you are having trouble picking which one to watch live, read on for some helpful insights.


Aynsley Peet

Merchant track - 11.35am -12.10pm


Taking beautiful homes digital: Cox & Cox on leveraging demand for rapid eCommerce growth

Over the last year to 18months, there has been a significant move to digital commerce where some did it well, some not so well. One such success story is that of Cox & Cox, a home furnishings company that went all-in on their digital channels when the pandemic hit.


In this session, Aynsley Peet will take us through all the things that Cox & Cox did, didn't do and wished they hadn't done when investing in their new online strategies. The fun doesn't stop there as he'll also be treating us to some of their future investments to help increase their already impressive growth.


Who is this session for?

If you own a digital store and aren't seeing much growth or are interested in taking that next step to expanding your business, then this is the talk for you. Learning about new methods and tools together with first-hand experience of the pitfalls that come along the way is always a valuable investment of your time.


Who is Aynsley Peet?

Having worked as the e-Commerce manager at Nisbets and Web development manager at Ted and Muffy, Aynsley joined Cox & Cox in 2016 as the Head of eCommerce before becoming eCommerce director in September of last year.


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Aynsley Peet

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Cox & Cox

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Ivan Chepurnyi

Technical track - 11.35am -12.10pm

Optimizing Magento by Preloading Data

Caching is a great way to help speed up your site and boost its overall performance. That is until it's suddenly receiving a host of new requests causing your miss ratio stats to rocket.

In this session, Ivan will talk you through how preloading data will significantly decrease this issue and help you get back to running the other parts of your business.

Who is this for?

If you are a developer, spend a lot of time learning and playing with code or have general issues with your cache, then this is the one for you.

Who is Ivan Chepurnyi?

Starting as a Team Lead for Mix Systems, Ivan became Core team developer for Magento, Inc/Varien, Development team lead for Magento/AdobeCommerce, a Web developer for Golden planet Ukraine before becoming an independent technical consultant and trainer.

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Ivan Chepurnyi

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James Bowditch

Solution track - 11.35am -12.10pm

Conversational Commerce: Connection at scale in the new normal

This is one of my most anticipated talks of the day, no pressure James.


Many of you out there will come from an industry that relies on that face to face, one to one interaction with customers, but since the pandemic changed the retail landscape, face to face has become a whole new ball game.


Join James as he shows you great ways to reengage with customers from the digital stage, how having an online presence can help you provide a better experience for your customers and how you can mine new data you previously weren't able to access to increase your customer service output. 


Who is this for?

This talk is primarily for anyone whose business or work relies heavily on customer interaction. If you are starting in the eCommerce world then this would also be a great place to learn and get ahead of the digital customer service curve.

Who is James Bowditch?

James started at Smiths News as a Supply and allocations executive and later became an account manager, agency services & channel marketing manager and client engagement manager for Dynmark/Comapi before becoming a product manager at Dotdigital.

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James Bowditch

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Jason Ford

Platform track - 11.35am -12.10pm

How to create industry-leading B2B user experiences

Adobe is known for its tools, products and passion for helping all of its customers to succeed and it is no different for its B2B customers.

During his second session, Jason Ford will show off some of Adobe's products that will most benefit B2B focused businesses. This seminar will include a live demo and some expert advice about headless architecture.

Who is this for?

If your business uses Adobe products, aside from your Magento installation, and is fully focused on B2B or if you have a B2B branch within your organisation then this is the session for you. 

Who is Jason Ford?

Jason was a lead web developer for Satmap Systems Ltd., then moved to Regus where he was their Global online PHP developer. He then spent some time at Boxap Ltd. as a senior web developer & marketing manager before becoming a certified eCommerce consultant & project manager for LogicSpot. He then spent two years as Head of web services before moving to his role as a senior solutions consultant and recently lead solutions consultant at Adobe.

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Jason Ford

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Our final thoughts….

We're not even halfway through yet and already there's enough here to satisfy anyone in the eComm industry. Join us again tomorrow for another of our coverage blogs looking at some more amazing content to be coming out of this year's Meet Magento UK.

Until then, stay safe everyone and have a great day.


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