Developer Connection isn't another freelancer network

Developer Connection isn't another freelancer network

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We certainly welcome experienced freelancers to join us at Developer Connection, but we're not just another freelancer network.  Instead, we offer a wide range of benefits making us accessible to freelancers, agencies, companies and everyone in between.

Some of the benefits that set us apart from the competition include:

  • No markup added to developer rates
  • Automatic, instant and unlimited matching of developers to client projects
  • No restrictions on how you work
  • Guaranteed developer availability
  • Guaranteed UK based developers
  • Quick and easy creation and hiring of development teams as well as individuals

Our benefits

Freelancer networks can feel like an attractive option due to their ease of use and almost guaranteed choice, but the unfortunate truth is it's a solution that, at least in the eCommerce space, rarely delivers when it comes to receiving a quality end product.  Add to that the developer markup of often 20% and these freelancer networks suddenly become far less attractive.

With no developer markup, guaranteed quality, and automatic matching logic giving you only relevant, experienced developers for every project, you can quickly see how Developer Connection provides a service which is hugely more attractive to both client and developer.

No developer markup

A major blocker for both client and developer is the significant markup freelancer networks (and indeed really any other option) adds to the developers rate.  Developer Connection on the other hand doesn't add any markup at all so there are no artificially inflated project costs, meaning the client gets invoiced fairly, and the developer keeps 100% of earnings.  Add to that the fact that there are also absolutely no hidden costs, and you can easily see how from a financial perspective alone, Developer Connection makes the most sense.

All you pay as a developer is our extremely low monthly subscription, and for clients creating a project is completely free.  You can choose to connect with more developers or work with teams for a small cost, but it's completely optional.

Automatic, instant and unlimited matching

Our intelligent matching logic elegantly compares client project requirements to developer profiles.  There's no constant searching of new projects for developers because you're automatically considered for every project a client creates that matches your skills and experience.  There's also no wading through sometimes endless irrelevant project applications for clients because our automatic matching logic only shows you an already highly tailored shortlist of just relevant developers for your project.

The intelligent logic we've developed saves both client and developer hours of work time.  It makes it easy both for quality developers to make themselves available for work, and for clients to connect just with the highly relevant matches they're looking for.

As long as the developer has available working hours, there's no limit to the number of projects they can be matched to, and for a client new additional matches can quickly and easily be added to any projects after it's creation.

No working restrictions

Freelancer networks lock you in to using their service to communicate and handle invoices after you've made that initial connection.  They also punish you, often by banning your account, if you attempt to circumvent these measures.

At Developer Connection we understand how unattractive and restrictive this is for both parties, so all we do is connect you.  When you choose to connect, both parties get direct contact details and you're completely free to work as you normally would using your usual tools to manage the project and handle invoicing.

Guaranteed developer availability

One of the questons you'll always have to ask with a freelancer network is, are you actually available to work?  It's really hit and miss whether a developer will be or not, and updating available working hours is always a manual process that's often forgotten.

At Developer Connection we instead manage developer availability automatically and reduce each developers available working hours based on the time requirements of any project that developer is currently working on.  That way, when you create a project you only ever see developers who are not only highly relevant but also actually have availability to work.

Guaranteed UK developers

We know that many UK companies, for a varied number of reasons like to work with developers who are also from the UK.  There's a huge number of benefits to hiring locally, but freelancer networks don't make it easy to do.  You'll usually get applicants from all over the world, losing the clear benefits of a local developer.

Developer Connection is instead targeted specifically at the UK eCommerce market, so clients are guaranteed UK based developers, and developers are in turn guaranteed UK based clients.

Create and hire development teams

Freelancer networks are designed just for hiring individuals - which makes sense as a freelancer is an individual.  But in many cases you might need, or at least like to have the option of using multiple developers for your project, and that's just not possible with freelancer networks.

With Developer Connection it's quick and easy to both create and hire high-quality development teams.  Developers can still be considered for individual projects even if they're part of a team, and clients are able to easily select whether or not they need a team during project creation.

The ability to create and hire teams opens up possibilities far beyond those of just a single freelancer.  It means that development agencies and companies can easily offer their development services through us as another way to connect with new clients.


I hope what I've talked about today clearly shows the benefits you'll gain when you use Developer Connection.  Two of the big winners for you of course are saving time, and saving money, and many of the other benefits we offer feed into this to make the process of connecting and working together as smooth and as successful as possible.  We provide a service that we believe is the go-to solution for connecting clients and developers for eCommerce development work in the UK.

So why not create a free project today, or sign up as a developer to offer your services to clients who are looking for you.

Find eCommerce developersFind eCommerce developers
Find eCommerce developersFind eCommerce developers
Find eCommerce developersFind eCommerce developers