1. B2B on Shopify Plus showing a warehouse with workers selected goods to despatch

    B2B on Shopify Plus has arrived

    A new innovation included in Shopify’s Plus Plan, B2B on Shopify Plus means functionality business traders have asked for within Shopify is now available.
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  2. Introducing: Rewards

    Introducing: Rewards

    Get cash payouts for every friend you refer.  Rewards is quick and easy to use, and accessible to all.
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  3. Developer Connection isn't another freelancer network

    Developer Connection isn't another freelancer network

    We certainly welcome experienced freelancers to join us at Developer Connection, but we're not just another freelancer network.  Instead, we offer a wide range of benefits making us accessible to
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  4. Why you should choose Developer Connection

    Why you should choose Developer Connection

    In this post we look at how Developer Connection is the most cost effective and time saving way you will find for client and developer to connect.
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  5. What's in Magento 2.4.4?

    What's in Magento 2.4.4?

    Magento 2.4.4 is just around the corner, and Adobe have been touting this as a 'big' release.  It's the first release since they have been more openly public about the direction they are taking Magento,
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  6. In depth developer and project information

    In depth developer and project information

    When connecting with your next developer or client, it's important both parties have enough information to allow you to make the right decision on who to work with.  That's why with us you can always
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  7. Reviews and Ratings

    Reviews and Ratings

    With us, you have the ability to review and rate the developer or client you have been working with to let people know about your experiences.
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  8. Easily hire and create teams

    Easily hire and create teams

    It's quick and easy to both hire and create development teams on Developer Connection.  Read more about how our focus isn't just on single developers in this post.
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  9. UK and Magento specific

    UK and Magento specific

    Developer Connection is a Magento and UK specific service for UK based clients and developers to make quality connections.
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  10. An open service

    An open service

    While other services are aimed primarily at freelancers, Developer Connection is an open service for freelancers, companies, agencies and anything else in between.
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