1. UK and Magento specific

    UK and Magento specific

    Developer Connection is a Magento and UK specific service for UK based clients and developers to make quality connections.

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  2. An open service

    An open service

    While other services are aimed primarily at freelancers, Developer Connection is an open service for freelancers, companies, agencies and anything else in between.

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  3. Low cost simple pricing

    Low cost simple pricing

    We use a straightforward low-cost, simple pricing structure that saves you money and has no ongoing costs during development.

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  4. Automatic availability management

    Automatic availability management

    When you are looking for a Magento developer for your project, it can be hard to guarantee that they will have the free time to actually work on it.  When using other services as a developer, you

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  5. Advantages of automatic matching

    Advantages of automatic matching

    Automatic matching of developers to client projects makes Developer Connection both versatile and highly effective.

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