Why you should choose Developer Connection

Why you should choose Developer Connection

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Find eCommerce developersFind eCommerce developers
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So, you're a client on the lookout for a developer for your eCommerce store, or maybe you're a developer yourself looking for more project work.  There's plenty of ways both parties can choose to connect with eachother, but there's always significant downsides.  As a client, you probably won't end up getting the quality you want at a price that works for you, and it could be quite a while before development is actually able to start.  As a developer, what you offer can easily become unattractive to clients because of the significant markup that's added to your standard hourly rate.  Developer Connection decisively positions itself in the market with a product that offers the solution to these problems, plus a great deal more.

Developer Connection was created, based on seeing the needs and issues of connecting professional eCommerce developers with clients who need quality development work done on their store.  Right from day one, the concept was to directly address the issues we've seen first-hand, and you've probably experienced yourself, when clients are trying to connect with developers to work on their stores.  You need quality development work doing, but it needs to be at a price that works for both client and developer.

"At first glance, you might think we're just another freelancer network, but if you investigate a little deeper you'll soon discover that Developer Connection is in fact a very different, modern solution that provides a hugely effective way for clients and developers to make meaningful, long-lasting professional connections, and achieve fantastic results." - Jonathan Hussey

Other options

You might have already tried one of the many other options and come away disappointed.  It might have been:

  • Freelancer networks
  • Employment agencies
  • Personal recommendations
  • Affiliated or well-established development agencies

Freelancer networks

Freelancer networks like Upwork, Freelancer, and even vetted options like Toptal generally have one thing going for them, and thats choice.  But the unfortunate reality is that often none of the sometimes multitude of choices you might be presented with will be prove to be a good one.  Freelancer networks really suffer in terms of quality - clients are unlikely to be looking for good developers here as they know the quality of the end product they'll actually get will be low, and quality developers aren't offering their services there either because they know the clients they want, just aren't looking.  The end result is an inexpert field of lowest priced developers, resulting in a low quality end product.  Vetted networks may say they offer a more expert field of developers, but in reality, the joining process for developers doesn't actually verify expertise in developing specific frameworks used in eCommerce development.  Also when you consider there's a similar markup to an employment agency, it's easy to see you're no better off.

Employment agencies

Like with freelancer networks, you're rarely guaranteed specific expertise in eCommerce development with an exployment agency.  They may verify some basic development experience, but not the specifics in the framework an eCommerce store might be built on.  But the main down side of an employment agency is the markup to the developers hourly rate.  This is often significant making the proposition of hiring a developer highly unttractive purely because the hourly rate with markup is just unworkable for the client.

Personal recommendations

A personal recommendation can yield good results and lead to a great developer.  But personal recommendations are often few and far between, plus if a developer comes recommended, it probably also means they're in demand, and won't necessarily have availability.

Affiliated or well-established development agencies

An affiliated or well established agency is a great choice.  You are pretty much guaranteed great results and an all round service from a team who are expert in their field.  But the cost involved will regularly make it unfeasible for any small or medium sized businesses.


What if there was a solution that removed the down sides of these options, and allowed you to quickly and easily connect with the quality developer or client you're looking for?

The right tool for the job

Well, yep you've guessed it, that's exactly what we offer at Developer Connection.  At first glance, you might think we're just another freelancer network, but if you investigate a little deeper you'll soon discover that Developer Connection is in fact a very different, modern solution.  We provide a specialised, hugely effective way for clients and developers to make meaningful, long-lasting, professional connections, allowing you to achieve fantastic results specific to the eCommerce space.  Here's how.

Clients and developers can connect:

  • With minimal time and effort
  • With no markup to hourly rates
  • With guaranteed high quality and expertise
  • With ensured availability
  • With immediate effect
  • At a price that works for both client and developer

Developer Connection represents a complete solution that is the natural, and required evolution of other options connecting client and developer for eCommerce work.

Minimal time and effort

Every developer completes a full profile detailing their skills and expertise, history, references and other elements to show what they bring to your project.  Once complete there's no constant job searching and applications - you're available for work 24/7.  Clients create a project in just a few minutes, describing the development work they need completing, and the project requirements are elegantly meshed with the developers skills and experience to present you with a ready prepared shortlist of only high quality, qualified developers for your project.  Our process saves countless hours for both client and developer.

No markup to hourly rates

We don't charge any markup to the developer's hourly rate, in fact once you've made contact with a suitable developer or client, there's no restrictions on how you work at all - you get direct contact details.  We know the critical point of need is just making that initial connection, and we directly meet that need.

Guaranteed high quality and expertise

At Developer Connection, we ourselves are highly experienced and time proven developers, specifically in the field of eCommerce.  We have a great deal of experience in working with clients and recruiting developers ourselves, so to ensure the developers who list with us have the experience and expertise we know you're looking for, we review and vet every developer who lists with us to make sure the development experience you receive, will be of the highest standard.

Ensured availability

We fully and automatically manage the availability of every developer.  All you need to do is tell us how many hours you can work in a week, and we work out your availability according to the projects you're currently working on.  If a developer doesn't have available working hours for a particular project, then they won't even be presented as an option when a project is created.

Immediate effect

The intelligent logic which matches developers to clients means that as soon as you have created a project, you can view developers who are available to work on it.  There's no waiting around for the right developer to find your project, we do the hard work for you - automatically, and instantly.  In fact, you can't even casually browse projects or developers - and this is a deliberate choice.  We understand it's much more effective to give control to you to decide when, and who sees your project data, and your contact details.

A price that works

No markup to hourly rates means you only pay a developer their actual hourly rate and nothing more. In addition, during project creation, entering a budget means you'll only see developers within your budget range, as well as being able to see an estimated hourly, and weekly development cost.


We offer many clear benefits over other the options you might know of to connect client and developer, and this makes Developer Connection a uniquely indispensable and cost-effective solution in the eCommerce space.

We hope you agree, and we'd love to welcome you today when you create a project with us for free, or subscribe as a developer at our extremely low monthly cost.

Find eCommerce developersFind eCommerce developers
Find eCommerce developersFind eCommerce developers
Find eCommerce developersFind eCommerce developers