Service Comparison

Here we look at how much more Developer Connection offers compared to the alternatives.

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  1. Working your way

    Working your way

    Everyone has the work tools they like to use best from chatting, to time tracking, to invoicing.  With us you can carry on using them, unlike other services which force you to use theirs.
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  2. Quicker and easier

    Quicker and easier

    We make it so much quicker and easier to connect with your next developer or client by cutting out many of the steps which are required when using other services.
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  3. The right tool for the job

    The right tool for the job

    Developer Connection isn't just a different option for connecting with your next developer or client, it's your best option.
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  4. Best development practices

    Best development practices

    With us you will find a developer who follows best development practices and principles.  This is often not the case with other services offering rock bottom priced Magento development work.  Here we talk about why following best practices is so important.
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  5. Moon on a stick

    Moon on a stick

    A look at some typical projects found on other services to see how many have unrealistic expectations of the work needed to complete the project inside the specified budget.
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  6. Comparing project details

    Comparing project details

    A good level of detail for a Magento project post is of utmost importance for the smooth running of your project right from the outset.  In this post, we look at the typical level of detail found on other services compared to us.
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  7. Upwork enforces strict communication rules

    Upwork enforces strict communication rules

    Want to use Upwork just as a means to connect with your next Magento developer or client?  Think again as Upwork impose strict communication restrictions unless you give them a cut of your hard-earned cash.  And yes, and they are watching you.
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  8. Upwork cost comparison

    Upwork cost comparison

    An in-depth look at how much money you lose with Upwork compared to the low cost of Developer Connection.
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