In depth developer and project information

In depth developer and project information

In previous posts we have looked at the incredible lack of detail you find on other services, and also how to pick the best developer for your project.  These posts demonstrate a clear requirement for good developer profiles and detailed project specs and this is a key component to building a productive working relationship.  That's why at Developer Connection we guarantee you will find all the information you need when connecting with your next developer or client.

Without enough information about a developers skills and experience, or the requirements of a project, you are playing catch up right from the start.  As a developer, having a fully detailed profile increases your chances of being the most attractive proposition to potential clients.  As a client creating projects with a detailed spec not only means our automatic matching logic will give you the best fit to developers but it also means that you won't have to answer the same questions from matched developers time and again as they will already be answered by the project spec.

Here is a look at the level of detail you get with every developer and project by using us.

Developer Profiles

This is the required and optional information you can find on every developers profile.


  • Do you have experience working with retina images, responsive styling, PWA?


  • Certification URL
  • Relevant work history
  • Link to CV
  • Showcasing website
  • Open source contributions
  • Client reference
  • Relevant external profiles

Project Specs

Here is a rundown of the required and optional detail you will find on every project created on Developer Connection.


  • Magento version
  • Is it a new or existing store?
  • Does a theme need building?
  • Screen sizes the store should work on
  • Is it just frontend, backend or both?
  • Should the devs be certified?
  • Are one or multiple devs required?
  • Around how many hours work a week is required for each dev?
  • Expected project duration


These fields are optional, but highly recommended on project creation.

  • Project summary
  • Do you need new frontend functionality?
  • Do you need new backend functionality?
  • Do you need to integrate with external services?
  • Does the API need customisation?
  • Project start date
  • Project deadline
  • Maximum budget
  • Any additional details

With enough detail being such a key factor to getting a project off to a good start, I'm sure you will agree that the detail we give you at Developer Connection is invaluable for getting every project off to a flying start.

Connect with your next developer or client today and get things off to a flying start by creating your project with us or starting your developer subscription.