Why you need a good developer profile

Why you need a good developer profile

Having a good, well written, complete developer profile is critically important on Developer Connection.  Why?  Well firstly if you don't complete your profile you won't be matched to any projects at all as the skills you list in your profile is what allows the intelligent matching logic to determine if you match the requirements of a project.  But more importantly, when you get matched to a project the client is able to see your complete profile as well as the profiles of all team members in the case of the team project.  So your profile is the key chance for you to sell yourself to the potential clients who's projects you get matched to.

It's easy to imagine that a well written, full profile which clearly showcases your skills and experience and has a good amount of surrounding detail like references, third party contributions, a solid work history with Magento development, and a good CV will be far more attractive to a client than one which lacks this level of detail.  So while you are able to define quite specifically your skills in developing various versions of Magento, you will be adding huge value, and making your profile that much more convincing to clients by referencing plenty of external content to back up the skills you have.

So be generous with your examples of real-world work you have completed, and freely put clients in touch with references who they can contact.  There are plenty of fields in your profile to allow you to add the extra details you need to make your profile really shine, and by doing that it will become very much more attractive to clients than if you didn't spend the time adding this extra detail.

And remember, unlike other platforms where you have to write a proposal for every single project, with us you only have to create your profile once and then update it as necessary - so make it the best it can be to stand out from the rest!

If you are a Magento developer and haven't joined Developer Connection yet, what are you waiting for, join today!  And if you are not quite convinced yet then this page discusses the benefits of using Developer Connection to land your next project.