Developer Guides

Find information on being the best Magento developer you can be on Developer Connection.

  1. Why subscribing is cheaper

    Why subscribing is cheaper

    Subscribing to Developer Connection saves you hundreds compared to the percentage charges of other services.

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  2. What it takes to be a top Magento developer

    What it takes to be a top Magento developer

    Being a top Magento developer is about a lot more than just knowing how to code.  Here we look at the kind of discpline and dedication needed to become an expert, truly professional, top end Magento developer.  So if you are an aspiring Magento developer, or a client interested in the developers long journey to mastering their art, this post looks at what it takes to be a top Magento developer.

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  3. The project flow

    The project flow

    Because Developer Connection is a fresh, new and totally different service compared to others, the project flow also works a lot better.  Find out how our improved project flow works in this post.

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  4. Why you need a good developer profile

    Why you need a good developer profile

    Having a good developer profile on Developer Connection is the best way to sell yourself to clients.

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  5. The developer account area

    The developer account area

    A guide to the developer account area of Developer Connection.

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  6. Why you should subscribe

    Why you should subscribe

    Sell your best self and find unlimited projects by subscribing to Developer Connection.

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