The project flow

The project flow

The idea of Developer Connection is totally fresh and new compared to other services which lock you in to using them and take large percentages of your cash for every hour of work completed, for Upwork this ends up being nearly 20%!  These percentage charges make it difficult to really understand how much of your hard-earned cash you are actually throwing away when you use then for a project, but it is significant.  We don't like throwing this kind of money away for nothing more than making a new contact either which is why right from the start we planned for our pricing structure to be:

  • Simple and transparent - NO percentage fees, and NO charge for work completed
  • Low cost - just a low-cost monthly subscription for developers, and a one-off cost for clients to create a project with the option to buy more matches if needed

Our low cost easy to understand approach to pricing means that as a client you keep more of your cash, and as a developer, you earn more.  Another major difference with Developer Connection compared to other services is the automatic project matching.  We run complex logic which automatically matches devs with the right skills and experience to client projects and this brings with it many advantages such as:

  • No more lowest price bidding wars giving a low-quality end result through lack of clear, good choice of devs
  • Clients are presented with fewer, much higher quality devs who actually have the skills, experience and time to work on their project
  • Clients get the pick of the devs, not just the ones who happen to be logged on to find their project at the time

And when you have actually connected with your next developer/team or client you are totally free to conduct your business outside of our service.  This is because our goal is just one thing - to connect quality clients with quality developers, and we don't believe that you should have to pay for anything else.

So with this radically different approach to connecting client and developer, what exactly is the flow when creating a project and finding a new quality dev?  Here's a diagram to show just that - it shows each step in the project lifecycle along with the points at which decisions can be made and the outcome of those decisions.  It's worth noting that where you see the project starts and the project ends nodes is where automatic availability management for the developer comes into play, which then feeds into the automatic matching logic for the next project.

Ready to create your own project or get your developer subscription?  Get involved today and take advantage of the clear benefits we offer!