Low cost simple pricing

Low cost simple pricing

It can be very complex and confusing to determine just how much you are paying when connecting and working with Magento developers using other services, but at Developer Connection, something we wanted to do right from the start was to be completely transparent about what you pay when using our services from the outset.  To make sure this is the case we use a simple pricing model with no percentage fees, and nothing to pay for any work done using a contact made through us.

  • For developers it's a small monthly subscription of £10 a month.  This gives you access to be matched to unlimited clients projects as long as you have the working hours available.
  • Posting a project with us is free and comes with the option to connect with more developers or work with teams if you want to.  This gives you access to our advanced automatic matching logic which guarantees only giving you developers which are highly suited for your project.
  • If you want to connect with more developers on top of the initial matches, you can buy any number of additional developer matches at a cost of £25 for 5 additional matches.

This is the sum total of what you pay, even after work starts on your project.  Compare this to the costs associated with other options and you can see that Developer Connection offers a very much more simplified, low-cost solution.  We also recently published a blog post looking at the true cost of using Upwork for projects and it makes for an interesting read, quite surprising just how much cash you throw away when you use them!

At Developer Connection, finding the lowest cost developer is certainly not the main driving factor when connecting client and developer as is often the case with other services.  But we certainly recognise it is a definite consideration alongside skills and experience when selecting the right developer to work with.  Because of this, when creating your project we recommend setting a budget for the project and this gives you two benefits:

  • By clicking the link, you are then able to see estimated costs for your project with an hourly rate per dev, and weekly project costs

  • With a budget the estimated costs you see on the project page are used as part of the automatic matching logic to match against developers who have set their hourly rate as close to, or below the maximum you see.

Although optional, setting a maximum budget is a great way to give developers a clear idea of the cost and timescale for the project.  Bear in mind that because all we do is connect client and developer with direct contact details, and because you are not tied to us or forced to work through our service when work starts on your project, the budget is completely open for negotiation before work starts.  And remember of course that you are not already throwing away nearly a fifth of your budget before you even start as would be the case when using Upwork.

Connect with your next client or developer without throwing away a huge percentage of the project budget to a third party.  Start your developer subscription today or creates your project with us.  If you want to know more, you can read about the client benefits Developer Connection offers, and also the developer benefits.