Advantages of automatic matching

Advantages of automatic matching

Developer Connection uses advanced logic to automatically match developers to the projects clients have created, but what advantages does this offer over other methods?  Well, the automatic matching process is the key to so much of what makes Developer Connection work so well, and by making the process automatic we have been able to strip out the elements which don't work with other methods while introducing a number of advantages.

Automatic matching of developers to projects means that:

  • Clients no longer have to trawl through countless poor project proposals from developers who are clearly not suited to the project and may well have not even read the requirements.
  • Matching is instant so clients don't have to wait for proposals, developers can be reviewed immediately after project creation.
  • Developers don't have to be actively browsing and applying to jobs and can be matched to a project at the moment the client creates it, whether they are logged in or not.
  • Matches of developers made to a project will always be a good fit as their skills must complement the project spec to be matched.
  • Our marketplace is not purely price-driven and values developers skills and experience.

We work on a basis that projects will always have a full spec because the key skill fields are required in order to be able to create a project.  This means that every project is described in enough detail for any developer to immediately get an in-depth view of the work that's required along with its timescale.

When creating a project certain fields are required where it gives key information about skills needed while others are optional.  Some fields are optional where the skills may not be required for every project, for instance, API work or backend customisation, while others are free text fields the client can complete as extensively as needed to give even more project detail (and we very much recommend doing this).  In a similar way, each developer has a profile which must be completed in order to be matched to projects, and here you can define your specific skills and experience in Magento development, how long you have been developing the framework, plus any external resources that may be helpful to a client for instance references, your CV, open-source contributions etc.  Again many of these fields are required.

It's a combination of these 2 detailed sets of information that means automatic matching works so well.  Clients can be immediately confident that all developers which are matched to their project have the skills and experience to get the job done to a high standard, and developers can be sure that every project will be a good fit for their skills and experience.

Get involved today with a developer subscription or by creating your project, and read more about the advantages we offer.