The importance of a good project spec

The importance of a good project spec

As a client, writing a good spec for your project is fundamental to getting the best out of Developer Connection.

While we give you instant access to a wide range of experienced and capable UK based Magento developers, creating a good and detailed project spec gives you the best possible chance to connect with the developer or team that's right for your project.

Part of the motivation for creating Developer Connection was to give an alternative way of connecting client and developer, and in doing this resolve many of the issues you find elsewhere. One of these issues being regularly finding a serious lack of detail with both project specs and developer proposals, making it hard to connect with new, valuable contacts. However, the problem is neither with the client nor developer but with the system which is fundamentally flawed and just doesn't work for the UK market. Other platforms regularly comprise of little more than low spec projects with vast numbers of proposals, lowest price bidding wars and debatable quality of work.

It's rarely the case that choosing the cheapest developer will give you the best results and things like bidding wars damage and undermine the entire process of quality clients connecting with quality developers.  It drives lowest cost only, compromising quality proposals for client projects and the result of this is two-fold. Firstly the client becomes disillusioned because they rarely find the quality of developer they are looking for which drives them away, and this in turn drives quality developers away as they can no longer find any quality clients to connect with. The end result of this is that you often end up with few quality clients or developers, meaning client project specs are often poor along with developer proposals - the whole thing is very much self-fulfilling.

At Developer Connection, we didn't want to fall into this same scenario and instead give instant access to quality developers and clients who understand that, while an important consideration, cost is not the only, overarching factor when finding that great new developer for a project.  So we took a different approach to make the process of finding the right developer for your project much quicker and much more effective. We do this by using automatic matching of developers to the projects you create.

We look at each developers skills and experience and the requirements of the project from your spec. By cross-referencing this information, we can match developers to your project who have the development skills you need. I'm sure that if you have used other services that you have found that a large majority of the proposals for your project are clearly not the right fit with the developers obviously not having the skills you need for your project. At Developer Connection we make the whole process of finding the right developer or team quick and effective because of the automatic matching of developers to your project, this means that:

  • You don't have countless poor proposals to look through and often discard, instead, you start at the point where this is already done and you have a list of fewer, but immediately suitable developers to consider.  You start with the shortlist right away.
  • The matching process is instant so as soon as you have created your project you can view your project details and see suitable developers who you know have both the skills and the required availability to work on your project (we also automatically manage developer availability).

This does give a bit of backstory, but also shows the need for a good project spec as this is what is used by the automatic project matching process. So with a good project spec, you can certainly be sure to find the best possible developers for your project.

You can create your own project here, find out more about how Developer Connection benefits you here, and read more detail about project creation here.