UK and Magento specific

UK and Magento specific

Developer Connection is deliberately targetted at the UK Magento market.  Other services allow you to connect with clients and developers all over the world, but not only does this not support the economy of the country we live in, we believe the negatives of doing this far outweigh the positives.  Some of the negatives include:

  • Difference in time zone makes it hard to coincide working hours
  • A difference in language can regularly mean a miscommunication of the details of a project leaving the client dissatisfied and the developer having to redo work either for free or at the client's expense
  • Depending on where the second party is located it can be hard to transfer money without losing a significant amount in currency transfer fees and similar
  • Inability to meet in person

There are so many benefits to forming an effective working relationship between client and developer in the UK so by working with someone in the UK you will see many positives including:

  • If you need to get in touch at any point during your working day, you can be sure of being able to do that
  • No miscommunication of the projects specific details because of language meaning the build is right the first time
  • Nothing lost to currency transfers
  • You can meet in person

Nothing beats meeting in person to ensure both client and developer are on the same page with a project and so much is lost by not being able to do this from social interaction to the ability to discuss the project in greater detail.  There are countless advantages to being able to schedule and attend an in-person meeting about the project and doing this leads to a much stronger, more trusting, more productive working relationship between client and developer.  Not only does it bring clarity to the whole project, but it also introduces accountability because the working relationship is no longer just online.  All of this benefits the project no end both in the short and long term.

Developer Connection is the easiest and most cost-effective way for you to make that quality connection with your next UK developer or client.  So get involved today by creating your project or getting your developer subscription.